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* Do you know what the ALIAS record is in DNS?

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CNAME points one domain name to another domain name. The ALIAS record can do it too, but it can also coexist with more records for that name. A good addition is that it can be used for the root domain too.

Here you can see an ALIAS record example!

Differences between ALIAS and CNAME:

  • Do not resolve the same way. CNAME returns host and then a new query requires the IP address.
  • ALIAS record is less limited than the CNAME record.

ClouDNS and ALIAS records

With the ALIAS record type, you can create a Round-Robin DNS load balancer between various CNAME and A records. You can combine it with different DNS record types with a small exception of CNAME and Web Redirect.

What is the difference between A record VS ALIAS record?